Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic

2245 Providence Highway
Walpole, MA 02081



Photo Tour

At Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic we strive to provide a clean, friendly and calming environment for both our patients and clients.  The following photos will take you on a virtual tour of our facility but please feel free to bring your pet in for a "happy visit" to get a few treats and a friendly pat any time and see our facility in person!

Our Office

We have designed our front desk area and waiting room to provide an open and comfortable space for our clients.

Our Exam Rooms

Our Exam Rooms are designed with drop-down table so that it is easy for us to work on the floor with pets that don't do well on the tables. We have rooms set up with specialized examination equipment for all of the species that come through the door!

separate room for end of life visits

We have a separate room for end of life visits so that clients can say goodbye to their beloved pets in a quiet, comfortable space.

separate ward in the hospital specifically for exotic pets

We have a separate ward in the hospital specifically for exotic pets. The room is equipped with a glass door for easy and low-stress monitoring as well as two state of the art incubators which allow us to control heat support and humidity level for our more critical exotic patients. There is also ample space for additional non-critical patients which allows us to keep our exotic patients separate from the dogs and cats in the hospital. This further serves to decrease any stress associated with hospitalization for our exotic pets.

lab and pharmacy area

The lab and pharmacy area are where we perform in-house diagnostics on your pet including bloodwork and cytology. This area is also where our hard-working technicians prepare medications and vaccinations for your pets.

Our treatment area

Our treatment area is where we perform many specialized procedures for our patients including ultrasound examination, wound care, bandaging, surgical preparation and dental procedures. We recently upgraded our dental radiology equipment to be able to provide our patients with the highest level of care possible for dental cleanings and extractions. Dental radiology enables us to evaluate what is going on with your pet's teeth below the gumline during their dental cleaning in order to provide more thorough and comprehensive care.

radiology suite

Our radiology suite is equipped with a state of the art digital radiology system which allows us to perform imaging studies quickly and efficiently. In addition to dogs and cats, our staff is specially trained to perform quality imaging studies on birds and small mammals while minimizing the stress of handling as much as possible.

surgical suite

Our surgical suite is designed to allow staff to provide the highest level of anesthetic monitoring possible in order to ensure your pet's safety during every surgical procedure. Our surgical table is centered in the operating room which allows staff to have access to your pet from every direction for monitoring. We utilize comprehensive monitoring equipment, airway support, intravenous fluid administration and heat support during every surgical procedure. All of our surgical patients are pre-medicated prior to anesthesia with a combination of sedatives and pain medications tailored to their individual needs and the procedure being performed. The use of appropriate pre-medications helps to decrease the overall amount of anesthesia that your pet requires during surgery as well as providing pain control and a smoother recovery. In addition to the veterinarian performing your pet's surgery, there is always a designated anesthesia technician whose sole responsibility is to monitor your pet from pre-medication to recovery.