Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic

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The Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic mission is to provide exceptional services to our clients and patients in Walpole, Foxboro, Sharon, Medfield, and surrounding Massachusetts towns with professionalism, understanding and compassion. We understand that most people consider their pets to be family members who deserve the best possible care. We want our clients to feel they have truly come to "the other family doctor" for exceptional care of their birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, and all the other animals that make our lives so rich.


Wellness Exams for Your Pets

We recommend yearly wellness exams for all cats and dogs to stay up to date on preventative care and vaccines, as well as to screen for any signs of illness. At Holmes Family Vet, we will design a wellness plan for you that takes into account your animal's lifestyle and needs.  While we recommend vaccinations, each animal's needs may be different and we will treat your companion as an individual. We recommend bi-annual exams for all of our birds and small mammals to screen for any signs of illness and ensure optimal health.     


Dental Care is Important for Dogs, Cats, & Small Mammals

We have state-of-the-art dental equipment to provide your dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig with proper dental care.  With advances in technology, we can identify and treat dental problems early and help to control your pet's pain and prevent problems that can develop with age.


Hospital Care and Surgery When Pets Need It

We have a complete surgical suite and utilize the services of Board Certified surgeons when appropriate.  We perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries including spays, neuters, biopsies, and mass removals, as well as advanced procedures on birds and exotic pets.


Geriatric Exams for Older Companion Animals

As pets age they need veterinary care that focuses on support for their senior years including bloodwork, x-rays, physical therapy, supplements and other modalities that will enhance the length and quality of their lives.


Laser Therapy can be Beneficial for Many Painful Acute and Chronic Conditions

Laser therapy has been demonstrated to decrease inflammation, improve circulation, accelerate healing and reduce pain. It is a great addition to the treatment plan for a multitude of acute and chronic health conditions including arthritis, traumatic injuries, wound healing, dermatitis, muscle injuries and more. We regularly use laser therapy post-operatively for surgeries and dentals to help accelerate healing and decrease pain and swelling. Our new Summus Platinum 4 medical laser is able to deliver more power (in watts) over a larger number of wavelengths than our older laser. This means increased tissue penetration, shorter treatments and faster results!


End of Life Care for the Pets You Love

When owners are faced with this very difficult stage in their companion's life, we will assist by linking owners with appropriate specialists, alternative therapies, pain management and, when the family requests it, at home euthanasia.  Sometimes saying goodbye in the comfort of your home gives everyone involved a great sense of peace.


Birds: From Parrots to Parakeets and Canaries to Cockatiels, Holmes Family Vet Loves Exotic Birds!

Dr. Holmes has more than ten years of avian medicine training and experience treating birds, both medically and surgically.  Holmes Family Vet is fully equipped to service the needs of all species of birds from parrots and canaries to chickens, ducks, geese and even turkeys!


Rabbits and Small Mammals

Dr. Holmes and Dr. Fiske have had advanced training in rabbit and rodent medicine, surgery and dentistry.  We have the equipment and skills to provide your bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, and other furry friends with the care necessary to help them enjoy a healthy and happy life with you.


Dogs and Cats

And, of course, we care for the dogs and cats of Walpole!  We offer lifelong health care from routine puppy and kitten exams and vaccinations, spays and neuters, and regular dental care to health screenings and geriatric care as pets age. Holmes Family Vet is committed to providing the care necessary to help your pet enjoy a healthy and happy life with you.