Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic

2245 Providence Highway
Walpole, MA 02081





Read what people are saying about Holmes Family Vet

"I love you guys! Truly have never had a bad experience with anyone there and we are so grateful that Dr. Holmes opened her own practice! Thank you Holmes Family Vets!"

- Lisa S.

"very efficient, on the mark care....Charlie doing better within 24 hours"

- Lydia H.

"Always caring & knowlegable and even patient with both me & my pup, I appreciate that Dr. Holmes always takes the time to answer all of my questions & that we never feel rushed. Best Vet experience I have had in 30 years of owning dogs."

- Leslie W.

"I could never say anything bad. You are all so thoughtful and caring. It's a pleasure to have you as part of my "family". I trust my Jakie's life to you. I don't have to say any more than that. Thank you."

- Anita and Mark D.

"Everyone was so kind and attentive. Everything was explained in detail so that I could understand and follow through on the treatment. We are very pleased with the care we receive at Holmes Family Vet Clinic."

- Sharon & Michael P.

"We love the care you give Chewy! You are always so concerned for the well being of our family member, and always listen to our concerns. We never feel like Dr. Holmes is trying to rush you out. She is an amazing vet and I recommend her to all of my friends who have pets!"

- Alicia G.

"I am so happy I moved our pets over to Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic. I feel that the care they are getting is more hands on and thorough. Both Dr. Holmes and Dr. Fiske, as well as the technicians, are able to read my pets' needs, both physically and mentally, and are willing to adjust their approach accordingly. Having a timid rescue dog, that is so important to us. I can tell everyone truly cares about the well being of our animals, and that means everything to my family. "

- Amy L.

"Great personal service. Never felt rushed or judged. "

- Pat/ Katie D.

"I felt that the vet was sincere and genuine in the care for my rabbits."

- Donna D.

"We always love coming to Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic and always have a great experience!! "

- Judy B.

"I always have a wonderful, positive experience when I bring my bunny to Holmes Family Vet. Their warm, friendly approach makes it easy to interact with them. Great open communication style and easy to get the support I need to care for my bunny!"

- Susan C.

"My pets are my family and I wouldn't go to a vet that I didn't think took care of my pets as I would want them to. They take care of my pets and me, too. "

- Gloria R.

"You guys are awesome! "

- Linda K.

"this was my 1st experience with you & i cant tell you enough how at home i felt with all of the staff!! i am so happy to have you for my ferrets care. thank you for all your help & kindness!! i have already spread the word how wonderful you are!!"

- Julie M.

"We brought in our cat, Sheba, for a recurring eye infection. Dr. Holmes was off and we met with Dr. Fiske. We were very impressed at how kind she was with our cat. She diagnosed her infection as herpes related and gave us a steroid gel to be administered 2x per day along with the Vetri Lysine Chews. I'm happy to report that Sheba's eye is 100% better and keeping our fingers crossed that the Chews will have to keep it at bay. Love the entire staff at the Holmes Family Vet and Dr. Fiske is a great addition."

- Glenn G.

"VERY pleased with all the TLC and loving care that Charlie got. Especially as an older dog that was important. Also I never felt rushed when talking with the vet...also important."

- Deborah T.

"Always the best care for all of my pet rabbits!"

- Diane C.

"Dr Holmes is awesome and always treats my bird with care and kindness and I recommend her to my friends with pets"

- Mary & Dave L.

"Dr Karen Holmes is the absolute best! Wish I could get my medical care from her.... "

- Paula P.

"Rocky's first visit was great. Dr. Fiske and Morgan took the time to answer all of my questions both during the visit as well as some preliminary questions over the phone, and took great care of Rocky in person. I am grateful for the fantastic care my dogs get when they come in. Every single person we deal with on a visit is pleasant and helpful. My absolute favorite thing about Holmes Family Vet is that my dogs are treated with love and respect, every visit, no matter what. There is something really special about the staff and the way this establishment operates. I could sing their praises for days!! "

- Stacey W.

"Your knowledge, caring and sincere approach makes both "kids" and their owners feel comfortable and very glad that they've chosen your clinic to keep them healthy!"

- Leslie H.

"Finn was treated very well. The staff really cares about pets. They did everything they could to make him as comfortable as possible. "

- Rachel W.

"Another excellent experience at Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic. Everything runs so smoothly, everybody knows what they are doing and the levels of expertise, patience and kindness both with the patient and owner, know no bounds. I thank my lucky stars for Karen Holmes and her team on an ongoing basis. "

- Beth H.

"The fact that I continue to bring Phinney to the HFVC should tell you that our experience at the clinic has been wonderful. I've only ever been to one other vet clinic -- where I first met Dr. Holmes -- and she has been terrific with my birds. I'm amazed at the wonderful staff she has put together at her own clinic. All are not only professional but I love the way they interact with Phinney. On the two occasions that he has had to stay for 10 days he doesn't seem to have missed me at all LOL. And I fared just as well as he knowing that he was not only getting excellent care but was also getting lots of love and attention."

- Joan G.

"I love bringing Otto there. He is an extremely anxious dog but he also doesn't mind coming there. He stays very calm. I think that is because the overall mood there is welcoming, warm and friendly. So happy to have found you, and at this point I would never go anywhere else. I have started recommending you to friends also!"

- Pam & Glenn F.

"I currently have three pets - all different species - who are patients of Holmes Family Veterinary. I have never had a bad experience here, and today was no different. I love the staff, I appreciate the care my pets are provided, and I recommend the clinic to everyone."

- Kaytie K.

"Absolutely love you all! Thank you"

- Rose S.

"I happen to have a cat that is extremely hard to handle. the way he has been treated here, with soft words and a gentle hand has been incredible. all the staff and doctors have been very knowledgeable and I am happy with the level of care we have gotten. this is the best place I have ever taken any pet. Thank You!!!"

- Meredith K.

"It was a great visit. Maxine was very happy with her treatment. Harry and I were very pleased."

- Deb E.

"I'm very happy with the care that my dog Pip and bunny Olivia are getting. "

- Charissa B.

"I feel Dr Holmes knows me and my chihuahuas well. She provides a thorough exam and offers good advice to aid me in caring for my pets. She is knowledgable in her field. She is respectful of the humans' opinions and pet care style. My dogs respond well to her and tend to behave during their exam.."

- Debora W.

"wonderful experience treated very respectfully. Answered all my questions"

- Valerie L.

"Missy's enthusiastic embrace of me and the fact that I was an excited expectant master was a start. Her enthusiastic personal introduction closed the deal. What put it over the top is the way everyone responded when Mija came in for her first visit. Everyone was so attentive and reacted with compassion, speed and competence. What more could I ask. You helped save her life. You people clearly love animals, and have their care first. I am grateful to have found you. "

- Dan G.

"It's so hard to find a quality place that takes care of our rabbits. We've finally found that place with Holmes Family Clinic. "

- Jen & Jeff R.

"It's always a pleasure to visit your offices. The front desk staff is always friendly and professional. The techs are knowledgeable, helpful and kind. And Dr. Holmes is The Best, so caring, intuitive and smart! "

- Marilyn B.

"Dr. Holmes has a way with pets and with their owners. The pets love her and the families find her easy to talk to and a good listener. We left our last visit with our concerns addressed and feeling much better. Our kitty felt much better too."

- Sharon & Michael P.

"First visit last week and this takes me out of my way to see a vet recommended specifically to us as more aligned with us philosophically. Everyone I encountered couldn't have been more pleasant, tuned in and genuinely caring. A welcome find in this day and age. "

- Mary H.

"My recent visit was great!! Dr. Fiske was very pleasant, took her time with Sergei, she answered all of my questions and concerns. She recommended we check him for thyroid because she has some concerns, which I felt very confident in her decision. Sergei was very calm with her and her help! I wouldn't hesitate to come back here!! Everyone is great!!"

- Jean K.

"Service was amazing. I heard about you from the cashiers at the Pet Smart in Walpole because we just adopted a bird and needed a lot of help on how to really take care of it. They told me that this was the place to go. The staff was so sweet and Dr. Holmes gave me so much information that I felt very secure about going home and taking care of our new pet family member. "

- Marjorie B.

"Wonderful! You can see how Dr. Holmes truly Loves animals and People! That is the most important benefit after the Great Care that she gives. I wouldn't go anywhere else! I would recommend her Clinic to any one who has a pet. "

- Cheryl P.

"The staff is warm and welcoming. I can't say enough about how professional and caring Dr Holmes is. She has really cares about the animals in her care and their owners,too!"

- Charles J.

"I seem to end up adopting parrots with severe health issues, and thus have had more than my share of experience with avian veterinary practices and hospitals in Massachusetts. The expertise and commitment to excellence at this practice far exceeds any other, including Tufts and Angel Memorial. "

- Dianne M.

"I love how well Dr.Holmes handles my animals. She's always so gentle and caring! I always bring my little critters to her!!"

- Matia D.

"You all do an amazing job. Very attentive and accommodating to Stripe. I appreciate your knowledge compassion and understading over this past week. You will definitely be our "go to" veterinarian for us. I have already recommebded you to others as well."

- Amy T.

"You guys are the best that's why we travel from plymouth"

- Herb & Holly M.

"Dr. Holmes' passion for animals' wellbeing is infectious and the whole place has a great vibe. The staff is very professional yet I feel like I am being welcomed into their home when I arrive. I have tremendous confidence in Dr. Holmes' ability and know that my pets will receive the very best care. "

- Judy B.

"There is none better than Dr. Holmes...and the staff reflects HER standards and values...I could have picked a VET 15 minutes from my home...but I choose to drive more than 15 miles to get the best bird care...and equally compassionate care... for the humans they own."

- Nancy R.

"We have known Karen Holmes, DVM for 11 years now. She is the only vet who has ever cared for Petey, our Blue and Gold Macaw. I can't see how anyone else could do a better job. Large parrots like Petey present special challenges with respect to handling them during an examination. Dr. Holmes is ever careful and confident when handling Petey. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Holmes and trust her opinion implicitly. I highly recommend her to anyone searching for an Avian Vet."

- Ben & Barbara H.