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Here at Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic, we work very hard to foster a calm and fear-free environment for all of our patients, regardless of species. Our staff have been trained in low stress handling techniques for all of the species we see and we tailor these techniques to the needs of each individual patient. We believe that it is our responsibility as veterinary professionals to inform and help educate clients when it comes to decision making for their pet’s health and wellness. We strive to promote preventative care for all pets which can delay or prevent future health problems and decrease the overall cost of care for your pet. We tailor our recommendations to your pet’s individual needs, lifestyle and life stage.

We recommend yearly wellness exams for all pets to help catch any early signs of illness and ensure that your pet is in good physical condition. At their yearly wellness exam, your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical exam to look for any signs of illness as well as address any specific concerns you have regarding your pet. They may also recommend further diagnostics to determine the cause for any abnormalities found on your pet’s physical examination.  At Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic, we strive for a solid foundation of communication trust with our clients. We encourage our clients to ask questions and relay any concerns they may have. It is our mission to be a partner in veterinary care to you and your family when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness. Call or email today to book your appointment!

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Email: HolmesFamilyVet@gmail.com

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